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    • 翻譯幾段英文~謝謝你啦!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~急

      ...government and society. Not so long ago, it was barely more than a sleepy town, but not anymore. Today, .... For those who prefer a quiet, more tranquil areas, the districts north of...

    • 關於can't take no more的英文問題

      ...can't take no more正確的用法是 can't take any more more examples: I don’t need none. → I don...’m not going to do any homework today. I barely got no sleep last night. → I barely got...

    • 請問這樣翻譯對不對= =?

      ...average person is difficult to look, but also because of like this, I can even more treasure the work compared to the others, even more is diligently...