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  1. more careless

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    • 句型改寫,比較級的用法(2)?

      ...沒有 Finn 小心。 All the workers in the factory are more careless than Finn. →所有工廠的工人都比 Finn 不小心。 注意唷...

    • 一題小小的英文問題~麻煩各位

      ...beautiful most beautiful adorable (可愛的) more adorable most adorable careless (輕率的) more careless most careless famous (著名的) more famous most famous expensive (昂貴的) more expensive...

    • 請教各位英文高手幫幫忙解題

      ...看電視以外什麼都沒做。 08. We thought Mark was more careless than Susan, but in fact it was the other way around. 我們本來以為...