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  1. more colorful

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    • 有關幾個簡單的英文問題

      1.My bag 〈 is much MORE colorful THAN yours.〉 我的袋子/手提包 比你的...題是選擇題 3.The house was painted more than ten years ago,but I'm not going...

    • 英文 up until now / more.at的省略

      ...a dream?你的整個生活到目前為止是一場夢嗎? up : [prep] 到2. more convenient and colorful = more convenient and more colorfulthe most convenient and colorful = the most convenient and the most colorful...

    • youtube短片 想知道內容講些什麼?

      1. spiritual and emotional 2. 6 years old 3. 9 years old. 4. God 5. piano 6. more expressive, more colorful, more complex. 7. Pure, masculine, strong, big, His eyes are just beautiful.