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  1. more complex

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    • 懇請高手幫忙一段英文翻譯

      Sewell et al. (1969) have developed a more complex recursive model of the educational and occupational status attainment process. Sewell等...

    • 英文中Ever的意思?

      ... 已經是『怎麼』,ever 是加強how) The tax laws grow ever more complex. 賦稅法條一直都越變越複雜。 ever 有時意思是:always; at all times 翻譯...

    • 英文翻譯,不知道對不對

      The "evil forces" that are destroying the natural world have never been more complex . 翻譯:破壞自然界的邪惡力量,從未有如現在這般複雜。