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    • How to use ”dare”?

      ...: "Dare John . . . ?" But for 1. person it seems more usual in indicative usages ("I dare say it's totally wrong" or "I daren't go far away"). An example with modal...

    • 請問英文句型dare和need fight with Mary, does he? John dares not fight with Mary, doesn’t he? (2) ... mustn’t go to the dentist, must he? More information about tag question, see

    • much more..的問題

      1.reserch..不知道有沒有拼錯... research 倒是有一個 要是 research 的話意思大概是說 "更多的研究是必要的" much修飾比較級more...much more research 當s主詞 is 動詞 necessary主詞補語 2.有幾次我們會勇於面對這樣做?