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  1. more desperately

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    • 引用 the more + N + S + V

      ...但不強制要求。如:The nearer their doom draws, the more desperately will the enemy put up struggle. 2013-03-13 14:33:25 補充: 把will 放在主詞enemy前...

    • 請問以下這些字和句字該如何翻成中文呢?

      ...反應。 6.The same nagging concerns that led you to think you desperately needed one more achievement will undermine the value you place on that achievement.-> 當你認為你需要更...

    • 英文高手幫我回答問題~~~用英文~~第1題!!

      ... provided, indeed the latter situation would be more difficult to achieve. Since we live in a collective society... ethic, it is always a struggle because we may desperately want to belong but our conscience never ceases to...