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  1. more disappointed

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    • 幫我英文翻成中文謝謝

      you hurt my heart! 你傷了我的心!! you make me act just like a fool 你讓我行為就像個傻子!! i am more disappointed for your reply 我對你的回覆更加失望了 nothing else 就這樣,沒什麼好說的了

    • 幾句中文幫忙翻成英文

      ...because the fact   that you are a boy would make your parents more disappointed ? ""You've got married definitely and are aware...

    • 請幫我修正這段話 謝謝 i appologized, now i realize that was a huge mistake. I can't be more disappointed to you. James: Good grief, I really don't know what...