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    • 誰有看過這本外文書!!!

      ...policy analysis --the eightfold path to more effective problem solving》 Eugene ..._Path_To_More_Effective_Problem_Solving.html 這裡面...

    • 英文文法句型(及其他問題)

      .17 110 The new CEO( ) a more effective approach to marketing and customer relationship management.... a)harsher b) harshest c) harshly d) more harshly 括號中答案是harshest﹔ 1.最高級形容詞...

    • no more ... than 的造句

      Steroid use for asthma is no more effective than placebo. 氣喘的治療類固醇並沒比安慰藥劑更有效 The use of the ...