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  1. more forceful

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    • 英文分詞文法。

      ... can I get her attention? B:You just have to be more forceful and make your presence____. A.knew B.known ...

    • face當動詞的用法

      ...differ only in register or discourse style. When a person wants to sound more direct and forceful, he or she generally would choose the active voice, such as “we face something.” ...

    • 請求翻譯、須略懂 ” 魔獸爭霸 ”

      ...the connection, it has gone down, or some other forceful closure has occured. 伺服器重新連結。這樣的情形一般... IP banned. See section 4. for more information. 這樣的情形通常是因為您的IP被擋。詳細...