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  1. more impatient

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    • 幫忙我中文翻英文

      ...than Chinese. 5.男孩子們比女孩子們煩躁不安 Boys are more impatient than girls. 6.這紅色的裙子比藍色的漂亮 This red skirt ...

    • 請幫我把下面兩段文字翻成英文

      ...but her voice is pretty high. Her personality tends to be more impatient. My sister is a student just like me. She studies...

    • 英文問句詳答~~~很急!!!

      ...我覺得我自己很懶,因為我真的不喜歡把自己搞得很辛苦。 2.Are you more often impatient or patient? I am more often patient, especially with my best...