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  1. more intelligent

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    • intelligent的比較級和最高級是什麼?

      它是形容詞,當然有比較級和最高級呀. 由於它是三音節以上的字,所以不是字型改變,而是在前面加上more或most. 比較級是 more intelligent 最高級是 most intelligent

    • 可以幫我把句子中文翻英文?

      "Maybe I am not more intelligent than others, the ability is no stronger than others, but I must have a more serious than others, more progressive heart, will be more hard to learn"

    • 英文的問題(選擇題)

      ...)當 3.Susan is considered to be ................,if not more intelligent than, the other students in her class. (A)less intelligent (...