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  1. more masculine

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    • 關於英文形容詞三級

      ...most joyful k: kind, kinder, kindest l: low, lower, loest m: masculine, more masculine, most masculine n: new, newer, newest o: ordinary, more ordinary, most...

    • 英翻中...一段...急急急...15點喔....有一點小長 the most unselfish, if not the highest form, of human relationship. The more traditionally masculine the shared experience from which it springs, the stronger and...

    • 英文 女同志用語

      ...偏好男性, 但行為仍保有女性特質的女人 (butch的次階版) a female that is more masculine in additude,dresses like a man but still has a lil bit a (femme) in...