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  1. more massive

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    • 4個英文單字???

      ... Booklets 4. slams = something like FBs, but more massive, therefore not as welcome as FBs or Decos sometimes I've ...

    • Persuasive Speech.題目

      1. should Cloning be legalized? 2. no more massive destruction weapons should be developed 3. no freedom of speech 4. death penaty should be legalized in every country

    • 有人可以翻譯加回答嗎? 我是天文白痴...

      ...增加吧) 2. The center of mass of binery system lies closwer to the (less massive, more massive) 二進位(binary)系統的大體中心,較接近於(少數大量,多數大量?不知...