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    • 英文演講稿 (20點喔) 拜託拜託了

      ...; a positive desire to meet life needs and achieve a measure of success; or a more-or-less neutral desire to have the freedom to do as one pleases -- whether that be to shop until...

    • 一些英文片語 用法 accordance with the will. 他的家人遵循遺囑,將他的遺產全數捐作慈善使用。 *neutral 是中立的中性的 那neutral hue是???? neutral hue即指"中性色彩" ,在灰階...

    • 化學 CHEMISTRY pH

      ... - complete dissociation in water, pH = 7 neutralHCl - strong acid complete dissociation, slightly more acidic than H2SO4 (look in table ...of both ions and decide which you have more of, OH- or H+