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  1. more obscene

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    • 2請幫我翻譯成英文[請依句子的意思] 別翻字面上的 感謝

      ...soon as chats the girl we 2 to be able more and more not proper more to chat more obscene which ~ no matter you will go to later also to have often to contact ~ 4.. ...

    • 求教日語高手

      最好可以提供前後文,或是再確認一次這羅馬拼字有沒有拼錯。 2008-05-17 21:07:21 補充: 1. bokutou-kidan ぼくとうきだん【墨東綺譚】(Strange stories from east of the river) 墨東位於在東京都墨田區一帶,隅田川中流的東岸地域。 墨東綺譚是〞永井荷風〞寫的小説(a famous...

    • 急! 請英文高手幫忙三段英文翻譯 20點

      ....K. and Australia, this gesture is obscene. Also, in some Asian countries, ...the basic differences, as this will help to ensure a more enjoyable trip. 在一個文化中被接受而不具攻擊性的的行為...