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    • 請幫我用active跟passive寫五個例句好嗎?

      ... he is 80 years old. 5. Younger people tend to be more active physically than older people. passive 1. The students have passive atitude toward hard subjects. 2...

    • 英文文法 more和another

      ...more becomes an adjective. Then the word 'more' is describing the price so it doesn'.... Sometimes, your sentence can be passive voiced. You said the truth, the price...

    • 歷史英文資料翻譯問題

      橘子....好英文的翻譯... 2006-04-07 03:58:35 補充: 美國在翻譯中國從鴉片戰爭到義和團之亂的這10年間的文章中,大多傾向於在”西方衝擊”與”中國反應”的這兩個概念(主題) 這個概念上的架構的依據來源,主要是在19世紀時,中西方衝擊而引發的影響所產生的最具代表性事件。 既有的...