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  1. more patiently

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    • I need your ideas mywriting

      ... don't behave. They will talk to their children more patiently to solve their issues. 4. Sometimes I think the ...

    • 句子翻譯 英文-繁體中文 >>20點<急>

      ...春天則會愈暖和。 2.The deeper the sorrow,the more our hearts sing. 悲傷愈深沉,心則愈益歌唱...come to be.And all that we dream of awaits patiently. 因為寂靜,使歌曲甦醒。我們全都夢想耐心地等候。 6...

    • 幫忙檢查一段英文(極需~~

      ...tought us patiently, we learn the way to be with people patiently, Teacherand you are just likes ...如我們常說的,Something makes me more beautiful. 2012-09-24 16:18:40 補充: 倒數第二行,後面...