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    • Would you like to V 的問答

      .... Using "would" is a more polite and indirect way. Since it uses "would...polite) should < would < could (more polite). 2012-09-22 01:08:54 補充: Hence, you can...

    • 請問英文單字的比較級..以及一些片語.

      ...-----thinnest 2. heavy-----heavier-----heaviest 3. polite-----more polite-----most polite 4. serious-----more serious-----most serious 5. calm-----calmer...

    • 一小段的英文翻譯 or of higher status,such as your boss ,be sure to use one of the more polite and more indirect forms 如果你在跟某些年紀比較大或職位比較高的人講話...