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    • 請問有誰會翻譯美容期刊 勿線上翻譯 謝謝

      ... cosmetic ingredient. Compared with arbutin, hydroquinone is a more potent skin lightening agent, but shows cytotoxicity, nephrotoxicity, and genotoxicity...

    • 這句英文翻成中文的意思是什麼?

      ...小孩變成此人的父親時就意喻教育小孩讓這個人改變和成長. what force is more potent than love? 有什麼力量比愛更有效? 什麼力量比的上愛的力量?OK there...

    • 協助簡略翻譯~英文專業期刊

      ... through inquiry may not have required medical attention but may be a more potent indicator of suicide risk. 相反的,前述的自我傷害行為在診斷後決定不需治療,但...