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  1. more practicable

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    • 商英,詢問產品數量 15點 that they need twenty pieces of XX even more. Nevertheless, they'd like to order one for trial...minimum purchase quantity is five(1)? If it is practicable, we will ask them to make the decision a.s.a.p(2...

    • 急件~~英文高手請進 請幫我校對一下文章是否有錯誤~~

      ... pathways and agency thinking, the more I (picked) up courage. The method ...process of beginning, (which arrange a sharing and practicable knowledge from the building of strategy, the process of practice...

    • 物流LOGISTICS和邏輯LOGIC這兩個單字有何關係?

      ...也一樣,但其實不然。像 inanity 跟 inanition ,loath 與 loathe,forcible 與 forceful,practicable 與 practical 等等。此種例子不勝枚舉,因此不能只看拼字或唸法差不多就以為...