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  1. more precipitous

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    • 有誰可以幫我用英文介紹介紹太魯閣(3~5分鐘)20點急~~

      ... bestowed by nature. Facing the lofty peaks and precipitous gorges of the park, we can proudly say, "Taroko is one of...

    • 幫我[[英文*文法檢查]]

      ..., but the exceptionally complex currents are precipitous and hard to be prevented, and the reef surviving...angle to southern Bergh, the reef is continuous more than 2500 kilometers. and there are the largeest...

    • 挑戰…英翻中

      我是用翻譯軟體翻的 雖然有些翻的不完整 (可能是打錯了吧) 不過大概的意思已經出來了 自己想想吧 以下: 譬如,陡峭的事件變化組織的圖像的時候,它是公平地簡單的到診斷問題和開始到爬上戰略到演說它. 假如在期間一政治上戰役, 一候選人為了國民辦公室驟然開始branding一...