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  1. more pretentious

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    • 雙語諺語.... 每句使用英文來解釋 (急)

      ...11. The harder you try to conceal, the more suspicious it looks. 12. A warning is better than any consolation. 13. Pretentious people are not usually kind-hearted. 14. If...

    • "我哪裡違規了?"如何翻譯?

      Nothing much. It's just because of that b**** word. 2013-10-27 19:14:50 補充: Requested by Kevin, and so I put my answer in here: "Nothing much. It's just because of that b**** word." I've experienced same thing for few...

    • 請問tracksuit是什麼衣服呢?

      ... Lee famously wore a yellow tracksuit instead of more traditional kung fu clothing. He did this to demonstrate... a modern purely practical way of fighting and not the pretentious art of traditional kung fu.