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    • 急~國貿一小段翻譯 20點

      ...ndash; 這些企業都已經轉型了。 Most privatized companies were more profitable in real terms in1994 than in the year before they were sold...

    • 請問誰可幫我翻譯以下的英文意思.感恩

      "nothing is less values" 表示: "一樣重要 " 整句的意思是: 不只我們公司很賺錢, 同時我們公司股票也很值錢 ! 英文寫得有點文鄒鄒, 但不要想得太複雜!

    • too much money in sports?

      ... is way too much. 2. High-risk careers are always more profitable. It is a normal practice in the market. Negative: 1. ...