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    • 改改我的英文作文 ~~Please

      ...practice my English. It makes good experience. I profoundly realize that English is an international language. It is very...

    • 英文報告,可以幫我翻譯一下這段文章嗎?

      接著是天體物理學家Lyman Spitzer ,他有奇妙的想法:把大型望遠鏡放在繞行地球的軌道上,也就是在太氣層之外,他在1946年提出這個建議,比前蘇聯發射第一顆人造衛星還早了十一年,當然就比微處理機(電腦)、數位影像及太空梭等科技的發明更早了...

    • 英文中翻英,面試口語用!, the university four years let my impression profoundly am the intravenous drip which is together with the..., therefore caused me to be more independent, worked the experience also to let me...