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  1. more real

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    • 文章中翻英 , 不要翻譯機

      Becomes more real. The human accident was could...more appears the unimportant time more thinks oneself incompetently. Evanishment that kind too real sad can pale basic not have any one day...

    • 幫忙翻譯一下 部要翻譯機

      硬要翻譯的話是.... 悲傷必快樂更真實 但是沒有Grievedly這個字耶 文法也不對

    • !!!英文~~~比較級與最高級~~~!!!

      ...種都有 correct - correcter -correctest correct - more correct - most correct real -realer -realest real -more real -most realest 有些字雖是adjective, 比較級, 最高級有點怪, 可用同義字來表達...