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    • 請問「有較短的氟碳鏈」英文該怎麼說? (請懂化工的大大幫忙)

      ..., they can be metabolized more easily and are considerably less bioaccumulative. Fabrics... with C4-based fluorocarbon water-repellent agent can mean less environmental impact and higher consumer...

    • 請幫我翻譯這段內容很重要

      這邊應該是在寫pet carriers的標準 一個pet carrier的軟邊設計只要是防水,腳腳站的尼龍部分要有兩邊或是兩邊以上是網眼設計而且又通風的話就都是可以被接受的。 上面部分需要翻譯的話再說一聲吧!

    • 翻譯一篇文章 英翻中 請高手幫忙

      ...橘子通常是較甜又多汁. But the tangerine is more than just a delicious fruit.As a matter of face, the peel...鎮定. Tangerine peel also acts as mosquito repellent. In the summer , mosquitoes bug everybody....