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    • 墾丁國家公園--急!!--20點

      ...of quantity is luxuriant ; The coral view of the sea floor is in riotous more profusion Beautiful confusingly, make up and point out the unsurpassed style and...

    • 簡單的英文翻譯,高手來喔! (20點)

      ...up the peculiar geographical view of this district, the world under the sea surface is more beautiful and in riotous profusion, the fingerling, quarry colourful coral more various in style ...

    • 急!!!!拜託誰可以幫幫我翻這段英文!!!(20點)

      ...the concert and rushed the door. Eleven people died and eleven more were injured. The situation was not riotous or out of control and the deaths were senseless. But this, more...