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    • 迷你購物狂原文書的問題 learned that the Mummy Once-Over is even more savage than the Manhattan Once-Over. In the Mummy...

    • Savage Garden歌詞翻譯及修改

      And there it goes = 然後,接下來 I think I dreamed you into life = 我想我夢過你進入生命中 Only this sense of completion = 只有這份完整的感覺 I am complete now that I've found you = 找到了你,我現在已經完整了...

    • 英翻中~~~~

      ... had already fallen in love with the savage brat.我必須要對自己笑。在一切之後,我已經愛上那個...我。In the ensuing struggle they grew more and more abject, crushed, and exhausted while...