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  1. more senseless

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    • ”閒話不多說”的英文該要如何表示咧?

      no more chatting, let's begin no more nonsense, let's begin chat:閒聊,聊天 nonsense:沒有意義的對話...sense or meaning. 2. conduct, action, etc., that is senseless, foolish, or absurd: to have tolerated enough nonsense. 3...

    • 急!!!!拜託誰可以幫幫我翻這段英文!!!(20點)

      ...situation was not riotous or out of control and the deaths were senseless. But this, more than any other occurrence in recent memory, graphically shows the need for advance...

    • 請幫我將心得報告中翻英 request on the contrary creates the oneself senseless pressure, invisible oppresses oneself, ...production, is germinates in such environment, but the more and more civilized society more and more is serious...