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  1. more skilful

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    • 請問這2個翻譯都為"專業"英文字,不知如何區分?

      ...of a subject:    periodicals have become more and more specialized  ● designed for a particular...worthy of or appropriate to a professional person; competent, skilful, or assured:    his professional expertise...

    • 請幫忙翻譯這篇文章,是有關於頭髮的染、燙的^^~3

      水平3 這個類別現在是顯然最大的在英國和是或許最毫不含糊的, 一般被描述當` 永久' 。論文產品是氧化系統和通常, 但不總, 包含氨。與什麼可能是相當一個高水平氧化劑一道, 幾乎完全以過氧化+ 的形式, 這些產品可能照亮頭髮由四個水平。由於這孕腹輕鬆、事實任一種顏色可能達到並且任...

    • 急需英文故事,要演講的

      ...age there lived a woman who was so quick and so skilful with her needle that it would have been hard to... contest. The devil hears a great deal more than we think, and our words and even our...