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    • 急急急!請幫我重改這篇英文文章 到今天1/7晚上十點止

      ...about the ghosts. Besides, The Chinese are more solemn and pay more ...= =The Chinese pay more solemnity and attention to the sacred...

    • 3題英文問題..答案怪怪的

      1 相等 (若不面對全國性危機,後果會跟大蕭條時代一樣慘) 2 不等 (the funnyman 形容我們個性中的一部份,不等於 the humorous person) 3 相等 (科技促進物質進步,無關美感和優雅) 2011-06-19 14:30:52 補充: 2 如果相等,那麼, funnyman 和 humorous person 是作者自行發明,用來代表"幽默,嘲笑"的...

    • 請高手幫忙把古蹟介紹翻譯成英文~!!!!

      ... are equipped with at least one more Takenori Hall, which is the ...the wall with an arrow and a target fit the graphics, its solemn appearance to show the spirit of Bushido, is a...