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    • 感恩節文章...中翻英

      Sumptuous meal of Thanksgiving Day The sumptuous meal included the roast turkey on traditional ...mud , bake red mashed potatoes , green bean and more lucky than the departmenting ,etc.. Certainly the last...

    • 英文翻譯,很急!拜託各位!(10)

      影評人威廉帕克,有很好的理由相比, Uelsmann的畫家馬格里特。是的相似,然而,只有膚淺,為馬格里特的感覺最終是歐洲和太超現實主義的Uelsmann 。約瑟夫康奈爾是一個更恰當的比喻。康奈爾大學一樣, Uelsmann ,管理相結合司空見慣的美國與華麗的...

    • 英文高手翻譯英文 ((20點

      ...cabin called the magic method, and so begins a sumptuous adventure. When the girl disappears, successfully...after the planet, last journey-AR girls are more looking forward to the next planet. Why on earth...