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  1. more tangible

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    • [英翻中] 完整的句子在詳細資料中.?

      Sample only:- Q{-expression operator--------------------->A:-True value yield;) (1)22 not in------------------------------------>(1,2,Null)=F,Not False,Un=not un; (2)negate the NOT(not)(refers to (1A)---------------------------->...

    • 誰可以幫我中翻英【→20←】點>>>急急急

      ...相信任何人、事、物還要來得實在】 ◎Believing yourself is more practical than anything else. 希望以上解說有所助益,謝謝。 2007-02-24 00:06:55...

    • 自傳中文翻成英文!!!急急急!!!

      ... to in the past but only liked diligently , paid willpower, will get more tangible , invisible fruits. 不知道是不是全對 不過大概就是這樣了