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  1. more than

    • ph.
      extremely (used before an adjective conveying a positive feeling or attitude)
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    • no more ...than

      I have no more than shoes than feet. 的中文解釋 nor "no more...應該去看整本 很好笑的 原文: 。。。for I have no more doublets than backs, no more stockings than legs, nor...

    • more than 英文文法

      ... classrooms are full of (more than) just eager,young faces fresh out of high school. more...more than sad. 你知道那會讓我 very, very sad. 所以「more than + 形容詞」是表示 「非常非常」的意思: full of more...

    • more than 的用法

      ...other parts of the far East give the area more than its share of danger spots. 在韓國,和遠東... share,強調這些地方的戰區,戰爭熱度很高。 ◇more than,就是指the area,它戰事的危機程度,比上面講的一級...