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    • 急~~15點~~請問這兩句英文的中文意思是??

      ...字典 * 2.This vivid image is ...sound, and images can help you memorize new words more quickly. * 2. 這個生動的畫面不只與這個字義有關聯...

    • 問幾句英文的用法與翻譯 of social relations, the way you dress can make a tremendous difference. whether , no matter, although, either 不管你是在商場... me, a job with variety matters much more than if it is well-paid. 對我來說,不呆板...

    • 請幫我翻成中文,有三個句子

      ...will tell you that driving a car involves much more than just the ability to push the gas pedal and turn the ... conclude that tha vaccine could have a tremendous effect on the prevention of the disease in children...