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  1. more valiant

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    • virtual & valiant

      ...take a virtual tour of the art gallery. 該網站可供你上網對該藝廊作虛擬瀏覽 3.valiant 的意思是very brave or bravely determined, especially when things ...

    • 有沒有人可以幫我翻譯2個句子??

      1. While against the wind, be more valiant to fly 2. The force of moving forward...

    • 請教一題英文選擇題

      ... personnel office has made a valiant effort to make itself more efficient in responding to employees...quot;有魄力的改進/努力",才符合題意。 valiant 根本是標準答案,擅長國家考試領域的網友都...