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    • 請大大幫我把下面這篇英文文章翻成中文

      ...from July 6 to July 14. Every morning, six bulls and a group of oxen are... through the streets. Brave runners try to stay ahead of them. 奔牛節在西班牙的城市...

    • 英文閱讀`是一個推論性的題目!會的人幫我解答一下!!

      最後一行... Now a marathon is run somewhere in the United States every week of the year. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 一年中的每個禮拜 大概就365/7"...

    • 文法解題~高手謝

      Q1. "such" usually will follow with a noun. Among the choices, only "initiative" can be used as a noun, it means "主動的行為". 明女士感到欣慰的是,新來的員工表現出了這樣的主動性 Q2. (c) is a person, (d) is a verb in past...