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    • 有關英文文法的解說

      Most abstract expressionist painters as they came to be known...可能看不懂的 abstract expressionist 括弧起來不要看,句子就變成: Mostabstract expressionist) painters (as they came to be ...

    • 英文高手 請幫我 英翻中 論文翻釋 abstract

      ...監控一個複雜,動態的工作領域?控制室技術的衝擊 Abstract: 摘要: This article describes part of...the two types of CRs. However, in most cases, these same strategies are...

    • 幫我看這句英文 有沒有茅盾

      ...early in his career and was a leading figure in the movement toward abstract art. 或是 Paul Cezanne was a French painter, one of the most important painters in the late nineteenth century. He was...