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    • 英文高手!!請進入

      13. 『cheer 』 yourself up Cheer up!是「振作起來」、「開心點!」的意思 Cheer sb. up就是使某人心情振作的意思

    • 請問這幾題英文的答案是什麼?

      ... _______ I found physics by far the most difficult. a. have tested b. have been ...happy, though deep in his heart he was very sad. a. cheerful b. friendly c. conscious d. laughing 翻譯: 這個人努力...

    • (急)A~Z 求一個好的形容詞+例句(形容女生)

      A- amazing She is the most amazing girl i have ever met in my life B- Beautiful C- cheerful, confident D- delightful E- elegant F- fabulous G- gorgeous...