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    • 想請問這2個商業英文問題

      ...all of his people for high way construction. This policy alone probably will complete eliminate UNEM and INFL to 0 for 3 months. I actually...

    • 請幫我翻譯以下的英文內容(英翻中)急!!

      ...say by building together with the students a complete utterance. 老師搭起了語言內容的平台,例如:藉由與學生...自己的意思。 Language is learned most effectively when it is used as a medium to convey...

    • 英文達人幫我解題一下

      .... A. complete B. completion C. completely3. I don’t know where to go for my B. finalized C. finally5. Most countries have strong __A_____ on owning...