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    • The most important problems 關代

      ...environment 分詞片語當形容詞來修飾前面名詞problems. 正確答案~ The most important problems( facing our natural environment) are complex. S. + 分詞片語 V +Adj (A.) face 不能以原形...

    • 挑出文法有錯或用詞錯誤的地方

      ...spring(因為講的是長期的天氣所以可直接換成季節 而不講weather) is the most complex and changeable throughout the year. The temperature fluctuates in a day...

    • relative clause ~~

      ...2009-01-04 04:25:09 補充: Another example: The largest and most complex group that sociologists study is society, which consists of...