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    • is the chieftain of the ...??

      skarsnik是彎曲的月亮部落的首領,在世界的邊緣山區的最強大的夜小妖精。 周圍的綠皮部落都承認卡拉克八峰毀的山峰,山谷和上層Skarsnik的霸王。 通過迂迴的詭計,在三路之間的綠皮,小矮人和鼠人的苦和持續戰鬥中,和不懈儘管Skarsnik上升到命令。

    • 麻煩請幫我翻譯一下,不要用翻譯機謝謝

      ...this illness would creat pain and stiff of the joints in my body, for the most serious case that hands and legs would become out of shape and crooked, therefore the doctor told me that I couldn't carry heavy stuff or...

    • 請幫我改作文A Horrible Experinece

      ...以下不再引原文。 5. 改爲:Suddenly I felt what could be a crooked finger touching my shoulder. It was my first...