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    • 「日本地鐵早上什麼時候最多人」的英文怎麼說@@

      ... subway in the morning? When in the morning are people most crowded at Japanese subway? 2012-11-02 17:24:10 補充: >when is the...

    • 2句困難的英文翻譯 急需~~~ people feel comfortable standing away from each other is in one of the most crowded countries in the world: Japan. 商界人士在保持彼此之間感覺到自在...

    • 英文的最高級

      the deepest - deep最高級 the commonest - common最高級 the most crowded - crowded最高級 the widest - wide最高級 the dryest/the driest - dry最高級 the wealthiest - wealthy最高級