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    • Storm gutter/ current system~

      storm gutter system ---A sewer system designed to collect storm water and is separated from the waste water system. 雨水渠道( 清水垌) 收集雨水的下水道 current systems 應該是指 "現在用的"下水道系統

    • 關於一封英文e-mail的翻譯問題

      ...this email, sign it at the bottom and fax it to 714-843-0448 with a copy of your most current credit card statement included. 請列印此電子郵件, 並在下方簽名然後傳真到...

    • (急~贈20點)給我一篇禽流感對人類造成影響英文講稿

      ...and reported, while milder cases go unreported. For the most current information about avian influenza and cumulative case numbers, see the World...