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    • 請幫我改一段英文,感謝20點

      ...quotation from the forwarding agent are following: The most economic shipping method would be FOB USA by the forwarding agent...

    • 幫忙翻譯一小段英文(急!!!!!)

      ...the regime is regarded by its people as the engineer of the most spectacular economic expansion the world has ever seen. Even as the rest of the globe...

    • on the ground的意思

      ground 是地面的意思 on the ground有很多意思 "Yahoo字典"就有 在這裏比較接近 "現實" 我會把它翻成"基層" 雖然經濟學專家大多數持反對意見, 減稅的政策卻得到基層的廣泛支持 其實在這個例子裏, 只要是站在現實面考量的 "非...