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    • 英文時態問題was or is

      我想問The most unforgettable experience for me後面是接is 還是was the graduation trip...是過去的一件事做為補語, 用was才是正確. The most unforgettable experience for me was (when I took) the...

    • 看不懂的英文句子求助(20)

      ... as if the feeling (most likely experienced) (while dressed in cap and gown...最可能體驗到這種感覺」,所以靠近 most likely experienced。你可以把它看成是: The...

    • the most ____ in my life(20點)急

      我提供一個我自己想的—我最尷尬的經驗The Most Embarrassing Experience in My LifeEveryone could have many embarrassing experiences...