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    • 請問誰會英翻中可以幫我翻一下嗎?

      Tramatism with contusion was the major type of injury recorded, and multiple sites was the most frequent description of bodily part injured. 有紀錄顯示,由挫傷而引起的外傷是最常見的損傷,身上常常會有多重部位受傷。

    • 請問此段話的大意是?

      We already know that marriage is the most frequent event from the modal sequence, but we do not know how deviant other events ...

    • 請問英文 賠率 怎樣說??

      ... odds, betting odds, horse racing odds.... most frequent use: fractional odds ( 1:4 or 1/4) less frequent use: decimal odds (1.25...