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    • 英文句子改錯

      ...指身體吸收這件事, food 不是吸收者, 用 in 不對. 2.On the one hand, most Americans (think) that space exploration is a legitimate and (important) national undertaking; (on the contrary), they (worry) about the amount...

    • 要做英文報告...英文高手幫幫我翻譯幫幫忙

      ... a professional architect who didn’t accept the legitimate training. Tadao Ando’s ...natural beauty and simple design style. One of I like most of his products is Church...

    • 準時的重要性英文問題

      ..., accidents do happen at times, but most so-called accidents are just plain..., like a tsunami or a fire or something, it's not legitimate to be late. 2. Depending on my relationship with...