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  1. most likely

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    • likely文法分析

      ...後面,或在第一個助動詞的後面: Profit will most likely have risen.Most為副詞,修飾...意見欄。 2013-01-22 21:53:19 補充: It's most likely to V原 ==>這裡的likely為adj。不定詞to +v是...

    • 看不懂的英文句子求助(20)

      ..., though, it seems as if the feeling (most likely experienced) (while dressed in cap and...形容詞,修飾 feeling,表示「體驗到的」感覺,而most likely 只不過是副詞,修飾 experienced,表示...

    • 英文文法問題_第34題

      我們通常會說 more likely, most likely,不會分開,這很口語化. 所以上述答案(2) (4)都不可能...但是如果沒有up to呢? 通常句形會是: 主詞+(助) be 動詞+ more (most) likely 例: He is most likely be late. 他很可能會遲到...