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  1. most masculine

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    • 關於英文形容詞三級

      ...k: kind, kinder, kindest l: low, lower, loest m: masculine, more masculine, most masculine n: new, newer, newest o: ordinary, more ordinary, most ordinary p...

    • 英翻中...一段...急急急...15點喔....有一點小長

      ...through shared experience, male friendship is portrayed as the most unselfish, if not the highest form, of human relationship. The more traditionally masculine the shared experience from which it springs, the stronger and...

    • 有關於 國一 every 的問題 拜託幫幫我!

      ...grammar of English that has received the most attention in this regard is the long-standing Standard insistence on the generic masculine third person singular pronoun, as in Each person [...